Join 250+ entrepreneurs who are maximizing their time and online visuals through easy-to-follow tutorials + a supportive Facebook group community.

The ONLY membership site that teaches you how to create amazing social media designs, product photos, & explainer videos with just your iPhone. 

This is one of the most powerful features we have built to date, and it will be ready soon!

16 Course Modules on Photography, Social Media Design, Video Marketing, &  Productivity

Private Active Facebook Support Group

Course Access at Anytime on Mobile Device or Desktop (Email Guide Sequence provided as well)

Printable Site Road Map to help you practice & perfect techniques

LIFETIME Membership (no stressful reocurring payments - you're automatically an SPMS Lifer!)


"SPMS has made marketing and advertising so easy for this busy mom! I can easily create graphics and videos for social media on the go and not take too much time away from my family and other tasks required of my business. I love being the first to know about amazing apps and resources! This membership helped me make amazing promo videos for Facebook ads which resulted in my best TpT site-wide sale in over 4 years! My social media followers have increased, more engagement on posts, and as a result, more sales!"

Here's how it feels for these SPMS members:

"I love that I can edit photos, create videos, and market without leaving my couch or turning off my reality TV. This course is so much easier than some of the other courses while still giving my business huge benefits."
Kristen | Easy Teaching Tools
What Do You Get As A Lifetime SPMS Member?

How would it feel if you could do the following right from your iPhone?


"I've taken a lot of digital classes, but yours just has so much great, ORIGINAL content, and is so professionally done. I'm not exaggerating - it's changing my life!"

Christine Cadalzo | Christine Cadalzo Teaching Resources

Hallie Sherman | Speech Time Fun

"SPMS has completely changed the way I think about my phone & productivity. My phone now holds the tools to make graphics, edit training videos, convert files, write blog posts, develop online classes, & interact with my clients in a streamlined, effective manner."
Brandi | Mama Exercises
"Tabitha's Smart Phone Marketing School is pure gold! I took her course wanting to learn more about video marketing and I learned that and so much more. Every topic is well planned and thorough. Her video tutorials are some of the best I've seen in all the courses that I've taken."
Angie Olson | Lucky Little Learners
What kind of business would benefit from SPMS membership?

SPMS techniques have been used by members to create the following visuals. If you need to produce at least five of the following to market your business, then SPMS is more than likely a great fit for you.

Instagram Feed Posts

Instagram Story Posts

Facebook Page Designs

Facebook Covers

Logo Creation

Video Intros

Facebook Ad Designs

Pinterest Images

Twitter Posts

Twitter Headers

Blog Post Images

Blog Post Featured Images

T-Shirt Designs

Shop Website Images

YouTube Videos

YouTube Thumbnails

Course Tutorials

Course Site Designs

Landing Page Designs

Explainer Videos


Personal Family Videos

Classroom Videos

Digital Invitations

Business Cards

Business Pins

Profile Images

Website Image Designs

Marketing Team Training

"I found SPMS at just the right time last summer. Yes, it has helped my social media game, but the real value for me has been in the video editing information. I had purchased video equipment and started creating content for my courses on my computer. Things were going okay, but they were going slow. Once I enrolled in SPMS, I was able to edit 4 videos in the time it would take me to edit 1 on my computer. Last summer, I created two online courses that feature over 125 videos. 

"SPMS has taken me to the next level in product promotion. I am now able to market my business on the run, using just my phone! My product photos and videos are looking better than ever, and I am already seeing results in my business. If you are an entrepreneur and you are not marketing with your smartphone, you should be! I highly recommend joining the SPMS community."

Chrissie Rissmiller | Undercover Classroom

So, are you ready to join us & learn how to do this crazy fun thing called smartphone marketing?

Join the future of “smart” marketing and start supercharging your business in 2017! 

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iPhone Optimization

16 Modules You Gain Lifetime Access To:

Lighting Basics

Product Photography

Composition Tips

Photo Editing

Graphic Design Apps

Video Editing

iPhone Video Essentials

Sales Graphics

Social Media Designs

Talking Head Video

Script Writing

App Organization & Wallpaper Creation

Video Visuals

Talking Head Video

Social Media Strategies

iPhone Productivity

Whether you're a busy mompreneur, blogger, YouTuber, Etsy-er, consultant, social media manager, Instagramer, coach, Ebay-er, online course creator, TpT-er, etc., you can majorly benefit from learning to use your iPhone to create your visuals.

"Not only has Tabitha's techniques been essential to keeping my blog and Facebook page running when I'm not near my laptop, but I have also used her tutorials to train my writing staff to produce quality graphics for social media even though they have no prior design background." - Gabriel Carro (AKA my Latin lover) | Viva Noticias

Even my husband, a graphic designer and proficient photographer, has found smartphone marketing to be immensely helpful as he promotes his blog and Facebook page on the go.

(Need a payment plan? Keep scrolling down.)

If you're ready for no-fluff, actionable content that can be applied in literally every area of your marketing strategy, then sign up below. I look forward to connecting with you!






Q. How long do I have to access the content?

Forever. SPMS membership is a lifetime membership. You become part of a supportive community that will always be available to you throughout your business journey. The techniques for smartphone marketing continue to evolve and get better. I don't want you to feel pressured to master the content in a certain amount of time.

Q. What is the difference between the Jet Black Payment Option and the Silver & Gold Payment Plan Options?

They provide you exactly the same membership benefits. The Jet Black Payment Option is a one-time fee while the Silver Payment Option is a 3-month payment plan and the Gold Payment Plan Option is a 6-month payment plan. The Jet Black option is cheaper but the Silver and Gold options are helpful if you need to spread out the total payment.

Q. Do you offer any of the courses individually?

As of now, no. The courses build upon each other to help you master visual marketing from your iPhone starting with photography. graphic design, and finally videography. Mastering all of these components transformed my marketing quality and efficiency and I want the same for you as well!

Q. Can I become a member at any time?

SPMS membership enrollment is only open 1-2 weeks at a time. Enrollment usually opens once every 3 months.

Q. Why isn't enrollment always open?

For now, I am finding it better to focus on enrollment only a few times a year, so that the rest of the time can be spent solely on content creation and helping SPMSers in the Facebook group. I also don't want this course membership to be an impulse buy that is never used. I want those who are ready to learn to get the most value from the content and their dollars.

Q. Is the course site self-paced or guided?

Both. You have access to all course content at any time. However, if desired, you can opt into an email guide sequence that will help you go through all course content.

Q. Can I access the course content from my phone?

Yes. Instructions are provided in the first course on how to navigate the site from your phone.

Q. What if I realize smartphone marketing is not for me after I pay for membership?

So far that hasn't happened (knock on wood), but if you do change your mind, you have 30 days after purchase to claim a full refund.

Q. I want to become a member but a) my schedule is too busy right now to take in the course material or b) I haven't updated to an iPhone although I'm going to in the near future. Should I wait?

If you're financially in a good position and know you want to learn smartphone marketing, I encourage you to go ahead and take the plunge. You'll get exposure to SPMS in the Facebook group and anytime you have a spare moment, you can start learning right from your phone, even if it's not an iPhone.

Q. Should I have an iPhone to benefit from SPMS membership?

I highly encourage it since I do not have experience with Android or other smartphones to help you. However, there are several Android members in membership who have found the content valuable and worth their investment.

Q. What version of iPhone do you suggest for smartphone marketing?

An iPhone 5 or higher is capable of producing quality video, photos, designs. I would not recommend anything older. Also, if you have a maximum capacity storage of 16GB, you will have a constant battle with the storage demons. My recommendation is the Plus because I find the larger screen and better camera very helpful in creating my marketing visuals.

Q. What kind of business or entrepreneur would benefit from SPMS membership?

Anyone who has a business or product that they are marketing online through social media, blogging, etc. will benefit from SPMS membership.


...creative but feel limited by tech

...a techie who wants an easier way

...a busy mom/dad who needs to work on the go

...a control freak who wants to take charge of their visual representation

...a marketing loather who needs a way to make it doable (dare I say fun??)

...determined to excel on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & YouTube




Payment Plan


Payment Option


Payment Plan

The mobile world is exploding. 

No matter what your niche may be, learning to create visuals with your iPhone is a smart investment of your time.

Your tutorials save me so much time and make this membership even more valuable. I can't thank you enough.  In the past I have wasted so much time and money on apps that just don't have what I need or are non intuitive. I look forward to your emails with the latest updates.

Adwoa | Adwoa Design

A post shared by Adwoa Design (@adwoadesign) on

I joined Tabitha's course because I was exhausted from all of the time it was taking me to create and edit photographs for my business. As a teacher, curriculum author, presenter, and first-time mom, there are days I struggle to find the time to finish a cup of coffee - much less create beautiful Instagram pictures and videos for my resources. SPMS taught me to work smarter, not harder.  It has been a game-changer for me, and I continue to learn new tips and tricks on a weekly basis. Now, regardless of where I am, I can create a stunning promotional video on my iPhone - and still have time for that cup of hot coffee."

Christina DeCarbo | Miss DeCarbo

Regular Facebook Live sessions & updates provide invaluable content that keep you on track with the latest in online marketing with your smartphone.

Still not 100% sure if SPMS lifetime membership is right for you? Take the SPMS membership quiz and you'll get a pretty good idea.


The SPMS course is a MUST! Tabitha has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to growing your business and marketing with ease. I never knew just how much I could do with just my phone! I'm able to make short videos in just minutes - and they look so professional!

Molly Lynch | Lucky To Be In First

Smartphone Marketing School has been so helpful to me.  I was in a crunch to get a video completed and was able to watch some of the sessions to get wonderful pointers. Additionally, I had lingering questions about video editing that I couldn't figure out. I reached out to Tabitha and she saved the day.  She was extremely helpful!!! I highly recommend SPMS.

Greg Coleman | Mr. Elementary Math

The members-only Facebook has also been invaluable to me. When I can't find what I need, I can throw out a question and immediately get assistance from Tabitha and other course members."

Jenna Rayburn | Speech Room News

“NOW is a great moment to be a visual marketer.” 
Greta Baisch, Facebook
(TRANSLATION: Learning to make beautiful designs SELLS. And learning to do it from your smartphone makes it possible for virtually anyone.)

Enrollment closes April 25th, 11:59 pm PST. Next projected enrollment opening is mid-July.