7 Reasons Your Online Business Needs The iPhone 7 Plus

7 Reasons Your Online Business Needs The iPhone 7 Plus

Before I explain why I believe your online business needs the iPhone 7 Plus, let’s determine if you really need a new phone for your business at all. (And I think I also have to first say something like I am in no way affiliated or associated with Apple and their products nor am I receiving any type of compensation for this post. Yeah. that. ok.)

So in today’s world, if your business has a social media presence, you absolutely MUST have an up-to-date smartphone to stay current. Especially when it comes to video (HUGE), photos, and social media designs. It’s not just the future anymore – it’s right now. Everyone’s gone mobile and you must be able to promote with mobile in order to keep up.

7 reasons your online business needs the iPhone 7 Plus

Is Your Online Business Smartphone Ready?

So can your present phone hack this new wave of smartphone marketing? Let’s see.

Does it have at least 32 GB of storage and a 12 megapixel camera? Then I’d say yes. Upgrading would obviously be nice but not necessary. However, if your phone has less than the above-mentioned specs, you’re definitely in need of an upgrade. (Or especially if it looks like this iPhone 4 owned by a real dude named Chris. Still totally functional though – crazy!)


Now, if you’re an Android user, an Android upgrade would definitely be a good move for your business. However, the iPhone is my obsession, so I’ll share with you which iPhone I think is your very best choice and why:

The iPhone 7 PLUS

Not the skinny little iPhone 7 that fits so nicely in your pocket that you forget it’s there and squash it when you sit down. No, no, no. And trust me, once you go Plus, you never go…um…not Plus?? TRUST ME. I don’t know anyone who has gone back. My husband got so jealous with what I was creating with my Plus that he switched even before we had an available upgrade.

Why Your Online Business Needs the iPhone 7 Plus

1) The back camera

Only the plus has the new dual wide-angle (12 mp) and telephoto cameras. We’re talking finally the ability to focus in on subjects and create a blurred/bokeh effect that was once thought to only be possible with DSLR cameras. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high about this one!

An optical zoom at 2x is also only available with the iPhone 7 Plus, although both Plus and regular have a digital zoom up to 10x instead of 5x. This means you may actually be able to use the zoom in pictures without losing a lot of detail as with previous models.

2) The size

Once you get into creating social media designs and editing photos and videos on your phone, it will truly become an addiction. Obviously the bigger the screen, the more precision you’ll have. And also the more eyesight you’ll have left after 10 to 20 years of iPhone marketing. ?  The plus has a 5.5 in. diagonal display compared to the regular 4.7 in. diagonal display (these dimensions are the same for the iPhone 6S and 6 models).  

And here are five more reasons that are applicable to both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (but still go with Plus!)

3) Selfie Camera (aka front camera)

The front camera will now be a viable option for quality photos. It jumps from the previous 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels with auto image stabilization for clearer images. Not only is the front camera going to be an excellent option for photos, it will now be able to video in 1080p HD – crazy!

4) Video

As an online business owner, you know video along with live streaming is the top online marketing strategy. The back camera now has optical image stabilization for video. A Quad-LED True Tone flash will now offer 50% more light which means the ability to video in low-lit environments. Hopefully now we can take real pictures of the moon that don’t disappoint! Oh, and other important business stuff like product videos and Facebook Live videos.


5) Battery

New and improved batteries are supposed to give the iPhone 7 models longer battery life which is definitely golden. The iPhone 7 Plus should last 1 hour longer and the iPhone 7 should last 2 hours longer. More couchhustling between charges – yes!


6) Processor

Both the Plus and regular iPhone 7 contain an A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and an embedded M10 motion coprocessor. All that jargon means they will work faster than ever before. Sounds like increased productivity to me. ?

7) Water-Resistant

Supposedly these are the first water-resistant iPhones. I will still avoid accidentally dropping mine into the toilet as I check my social media accounts. I don’t believe water-resistant means water-proof.

Get 128GB or 256GB of Storage Capacity

So have I convinced you that your online business needs the iPhone 7 Plus? If so, let me also convince you of one more thing – please get the 128 GB or 256 GB capacity! Do NOT try to save $$ with 32 GB. Sure that was plenty of space 2 years ago. But now with video being so extremely huge in social media marketing, you will eat up those 32 GB in no time. Once again, trust me – been there, done that. (Although phone storage is a lot like money. The more storage you have, the more you seem to use!)

Oh, and go with Rose Gold. Always. It has a sparkly filtering effect that adds an extra shine to your iPhone photos.


Just kidding! (But did you believe me?? ) The two black colors seem pretty badass. Maybe that will give you some killer entrepreneurial confidence. ?

Oh, there is one major con of which I’m sure you’ve heard about already. No headphone jack. They have a dongle (adapter) solution but I assume you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time……unless you dongle your dongle. And that just doesn’t sound right. ?  But supposedly Belkin already has a dongled dongle ready for purchase.


Happy iPhone consideration, #couchhustlers! (For more specific iPhone model comparisons, head to the Apple site.)

P.S. Next to my laptop, there is NOTHING – no service, no program, no tool – as important as my iPhone when it comes to marketing my business.

My Top Three Items for Keeping my Business Alive While on a Deserted Island

iPhone, coffee, and my Yorkie-Poo, Pookie. And the hubs, I guess. I mean OF COURSE. ?

Start Your iPhone Marketing Journey

If you’re new to this whole smartphone marketing thing, take my free #Couchhustler Master Course. It will give you the basics and jumpstart you into growing your business right from your phone.

7 reasons your online business needs the iPhone 7 Plus

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7 Reasons Your Online Business Needs The iPhone 7 Plus