Easy Background Remover App For Smartphone Photos

How To Remove The Background In Smartphone Photos

Do you need to remove the background in a photo and you want to do it in the simplest way possible? One suggestion for an easy background remover app with a low learning curve is the Magic Eraser app.

Simple Photo Background Remover App

This app is free (plus annoying ads) and its only function is to remove the backgrounds in your photos. Once you remove the background in your photo, the app gives you two options:

1) Save the photo as a jpg image with a white background. This works great for clean product photo listings.

Easy to use background remover app

2) Or you can save it as a png with a transparent background. I use this feature ALL the time so I can take an item in one photo and layer it onto another photo. This technique involves app smashing (using multiple apps for a project). In this case you’d need a layering app such as Phonto or PicLab Studio for the final result.

Easy to use background remover app

One thing to keep in mind is the contrast in color between the object and the background. This app works best if the object and background contrast considerably from each other. If the object is very similar to the background in color, you’ll find you have to do a lot of manual background removal. This will be time-consuming and the results may not come out as clean as you’d like.

 Magic Eraser App Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial from my Facebook page (follow me there to get my latest tutorials) on how to use this app to remove the background in your smartphone photos. It also shows how to adjust as needed for a clean removal.

If you’d like to remember this background remover app + tutorial in the future, then be sure to pin the following image to your Pinterest account.

Easy to use background remover app