Best HDR App For Amazing Outdoor Vacation Photos

Best HDR App For Outdoor Vacation Photos

Some may like a different HDR app, but for me as a non-professional photographer, this app is my favorite. And the great thing about this one app is you often don’t need to edit your pics afterwards and they still come out A-MAZING.

Best HDR App For Amazing Outdoor Vacation Photos

So the app is the ProCamera app. I used the HDR feature while walking Pookie Lou here in beautiful South Carolina (ok, yes, she walks me).

If you’re unfamiliar with HDR, it’s a technique that works great on photos that have high levels of contrast (light and darkness). It’s great for sunny landscapes that typically don’t turn out well in photos.

The ProCamera app saves the normal photo (on the left) and then gives you five HDR options to choose from (I think I chose Vibrant for the picture on the right).

Here are four of those options:

How To Use The HDR Tool In ProCamera

Here’s how to select the HDR tool in the ProCamera app:

And here is how to change the aspect ratio so you can take pretty much any size photo (I love using this for making my Instagram Story travel pics look super nice):

Here are some fantastic results from long-time friend Carolina Gomez of Fun for Spanish Teachers who started using this app in her travel pics.

iOS HDR Camera App Feature

At the time of writing this, the HDR feature is a $2.99 in-app purchase. So for iPhone users, you can consider trying out just the HDR button in the iOS camera app.

But for easy, amazing results on your outdoor pics, the ProCamera app totally delivers. Here’s a panorama from Amish country (side note: you want to be as still as possible – movement and HDR do NOT go well together).

Best HDR App For Amazing Outdoor Vacation Photos

But sometimes you can get lucky. This was a pic I took on the back of my hub’s motorcycle headed to New Orleans (do NOT recommend for the safety of your smartphone :P).

If you’d like to remember this post and app for future travels and amazing pics, then be sure to pin the image below.

Best HDR App For Amazing Outdoor Vacation Photos