Download and Repost Instagram Stories Quickly!

It doesn’t matter if you just want to share your life experiences or grow your projects and businesses, there are a series of indispensable tools to effectively take advantage of Stories marketing, such as any kind of download Instagram Stories app; otherwise, you will be constantly losing plenty of content that may be useful for your account.

KeepStory: Your Download Instagram Stories App

Luckily for all of us who use iPhone, the new KeepStory app has come to make life and online marketing easier.

Here are the KeepStory app benefits so you can make the most of your favorite Instagram stories from now on!

Features and Benefits of KeepStory

If you are looking to Download Instagram Stories app for iPhone, you will find a bunch of options. Believe me, I’ve tried a few of them but I’m really loving KeepStory (no sponsor here, of course).

These are some of KeepStory’s features:

1) Easy to Use: You can search, download and repost your favorite stories in just three clicks! The application has a user-friendly interface that will guide you the first few times so later you will be able to do it almost blindfolded.

How to Use KeepStory:

First tap on the magnifying glass icon and type in the handle of the person whose Stories you want to download (it needs to be pretty close to the actual handle).

KeepStory: Download Instagram Stories App


Select the account once it appears and choose the Story you wish to download. Tap the download button.


Tap the upload button once it appears after the Story downloads. You’ll now be taken to Instagram where you can repost in your feed or Stories. Make sure you’re in the right account!

KeepStory: Download Instagram Stories App


Always, always, ALWAYS make sure to credit the account you are reposting from.


Ok back to the features…

2) Two options for resharing: The application allows you to share your favorite stories both in your own stories and in your feed. More options, fewer steps!

KeepStory: Download Instagram Stories App

3) Total privacy to explore the stories: When you watch Instagram stories through KeepStory you remain totally anonymous. So for all of you Story Stalkers, you can enjoy the stories of all the users you like without having your views recorded in the account data.

4) Favorite accounts section: Save time and steps! Heart your favorite accounts to add them into the Direct Access section, they will appear in the main page of KeepStory as “favorites”.

KeepStory: Download Instagram Stories App

5) Free Download: KeepStory is a fully free app. Download and use it immediately, without having to fill out compromising registers.

  • The Premium version costs just $1: If you are fussy about appearances like me and want to maintain a professional look in your account, the application allows you to erase the KeepStory Logo watermark, for just $1 for the lifetime! 

A new whole world of Story Resharing possibilities with KeepStory

There is always some story that moves us so much or that is so educational and interesting that we need to share it with all our contacts. Not only can reshaping Stories help you out when you need content, it can also provide collaboration and connection opportunities when you share about others in your Stories.

When it comes to reposting engaging content, look for Stories that are:

  • Hilarious. We can ALL use another good laugh.
  • Educational. If someone gives you an “aha moment,” pass the favor along in your own Stories.
  • Inspirational/Quotes. I’m kind of meh about inspirational quotes these days, but if it fits your audience, be on the lookout for a good one to reshare.
  • Relatable. Now relatable quotes and posts I totally get. And they tend to do well in Instagram feeds, so try sharing Stories that are relatable, too.
  • For A Good Cause. Did someone stand up for others, for themselves, or for a charity that you also feel strongly about. Reshare!
  • #FollowFriday-ish. Whether it’s Friday or Tuesday or Sunday, it’s always awesome to give a shoutout to an awesome Story account you love.

But beware as you reshare, please do not forget to give credit to the creators of the stories! Only by helping each other can we make Instagram a more pleasant place to share our lives and more favorable space for online marketing.

Final Note On KeepStory: The Download Instagram Stories App

If you’re looking for an easy iOS app to download Instagram Stories, I think you’ll be more than pleased with KeepStory. If you’d like more Stories tips, check out my Awesome Instagram Stories post or my top IGTV Video Apps post.

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