3 Tips For Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script

If you’re looking for content or copy tips for writing a successful promo or explainer video script, that’s what this post is about. If you’re looking for suggestions on script writing formats, that’s not what this post is about.

BUT, here are some script writing formats I have used for my explainer videos:

  • Index Cards
  • Trello App (although if you use your phone to video, it makes it a bit complicated to refer to unless you access your Trello notes from a desktop)

3 Tips For Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script

  • Storyboard Templates. I provide a script writing template in my FREE iPhone Product Video course along with video tutorials on not just script writing for promo videos, but the whole process for creating awesome product videos with just your iPhone.

Free iPhone Product Video Course at the Smartphone Marketing School

Now let’s get to some important tips for what to say in your explainer video to make sure you reach your audience and hopefully convert them into buyers or fans of your brand.

Three Explainer Video Script Tips

1. Be Brief And Concise (The competition to keep people’s attention is fierce nowadays – keep your videos short!)

  • I suggest videos between 30 second to 2 minutes (1 minute is my favorite because you can post the complete video to Instagram as well).
    • A lot depends on your platform, purpose of video, and if it’s going out to a warm audience who knows you or a cold audience who has no clue what your business is about.
  • Make every word count.
  • Take no words for granted. Unnecessary words risk losing your audience’s attention span.
  • You can be wasteful with your smiles but not with your words! (Notice my tips are getting repetitive? Just trying to bring the point home!)
  • For those using your smartphone to create your video (I hope all of you :P), the Quik app allows you to put in exactly the duration of video you want – couldn’t be any more simple!

3 Tips For Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script

  • The Adobe Spark Video app guides you through the process in such a way you almost don’t need a script.

3 Tips For Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script

2. Audience First, You Second

  • Using research and insight, always direct your script towards your audience.
  • Keep them and their needs/wants/feelings first in your script.
  • It’s not about you, it’s about them and how your product/service can make their lives better.

3. Change The Scene Constantly

  • Your first 10-15 seconds need to be incredibly attention-grabbing (while keeping tip 2 in mind). Based on my own Facebook statistics and others, the average viewer will drop off after the 10-15 second mark.
  • I suggest changing the scene every 5-10 seconds (or more if you’ve got the footage). That means for about every 15-30 words in your script, you need to plan for a different visual to keep your audience watching (this is all explained in much more detail in the iPhone Product Video course).
  • Raise your hand if you’ve got adult ADD…✋✋✋✋ We all do! #21st-centuryproblems! Once again, keep your scenes ever-changing and engaging.

So those are my 3 explainer video script tips. But let me also add, unless you just love photography and cameras (and that’s totally cool if you do), when it comes to video production there is no reason to complicate things with fancy gear and software.

? Use your iPhone.?


There are no more excuses now, thanks to the simplicity of your phone. Give your amazing product the quality social media presence it deserves. (And take my iPhone Product Video course. It’s free, zero risk involved.)

If you’d like to have these tips on hand to remember in the future, then here’s a Pinterest image to pin to your Pinterest account.

3 Tips For Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script