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I am learning soooo much! I am so glad I signed up for this! Thank you!

Here's how it feels for these FlapJack Factory members:

I purchased some PowerPoint morning work templates a year ago from Tabitha's TpT store and it changed our mornings in a wonderful way. I knew I wanted to create my own but didn't want to take her idea. I was beyond thrilled when this course to create my own became available. 

The tutorials are easy to follow and very well organized. It's great for new designers or even more advanced like myself. The different templates gave me a lot of variety and inspired me to create. My students loved our new morning message and thought I was the coolest for designing them. I can't wait to take the rest of your courses!
Kristen Kalani | Easy Teaching Tools
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Once again Tabitha has provided mind blowing tips - I'm one course into the FlapJack Factory and my life has been changed! The QR information was well thought out and easy to understand. The website link to make QR codes is amazing! It just inspired me to convert my Getting to Know You Jenga into Getting to Know You QR Codes. I had to make 60 QR Codes and your tips paired with that website easily cut my time in half! Thank you!

Jenn MacArthur | Reading In Room 11

Linda Post | The Teacher's Post

The courses begin by ensuring you are prepared with the basics in using clipart, fonts and PowerPoint. I was very impressed with the resources provided. 

When I downloaded all the hundreds of templates for the Lapbook/ISN course, (YES hundreds) I was so inspired, I used a template to create a flip-book straight away. There is a video tutorial for each template and the whole design process is thoroughly explained. I feel confident knowing l always have access to the course for easy reference.
Catherine Williams | NSW Australia
I have been creating and selling resources on TpT for three years and I thought I knew how to use PowerPoint to its fullest potential – oh, my! Was. I. wrong! 

Tabitha has opened a new door of possibilities with her PowerPoint & Smart Board Games course. She didn’t just show me how to make the games – she provided amazing templates to work with. I had so much fun creating a set of 10 digital addition games using Flapjack templates, and the kids love playing them. Teachers love that they can be used across so many platforms: smart boards, smart phones, tablets, and computers. 

All of Tabitha’s courses are amazing, she makes learning fun and easy! There is even a Flapjack Factory private Facebook group where we get additional tips and encouragement. I only wish that I could have had her course when I first started my TpT journey – she could have saved me so much time!
Peggy Means | Primary Flourish

So...are you ready to get the templates & tutorials you need to gain teacher freedom and start designing your own resources?

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Q. What tech requirements are needed to take the courses and use the templates at FlapJack Factory?

The majority of the tutorials are shown using PowerPoint 14.6.1 on a Mac. The following is required to get the most out of FJ Factory courses:

  • Internet connection
  • Basic skills in PowerPoint
  • Mac or PC with an updated operating system (please be aware that tutorials are done on a Mac but special instructions are provided for PC users when differences arise)
  • PowerPoint 13 or later is suggested
  • Your own clip art and digital papers (instructions and sites are provided on where to find clip art and digital papers)

Q. Can I use the templates with Keynote or Google Slides?

It may be possible but I do not recommend it as many of the time-saving tips included in the tutorials are for PowerPoint only.

Q. Do you provide clip art and digital papers?

I only provide one set of chevron digital papers. You will need to provide your own clip art and digital papers to use with the templates. Instructions and websites are provided in each course on how to find clip art for your creation needs.

Q. Are the courses self-paced?

Yes, they are self-paced and you have lifetime access. You can even watch lessons on your phone while working on your creations on the desktop.

Q. Can I sell the resources I make with FJ Factory templates?

Yes! You just need to credit FJ Factory somewhere in your resource or in the description box of your resource if you sell it at Teachers Pay Teachers. Instructions are provided in each course on how to do this. You also need to check the Terms of Use of the clip art and digital papers you are using.

Q. Will FlapJack Factory teach me how to sell at Teachers Pay Teachers?

Not directly. As of right now the focus of FJ Factory is on resource creation, not on selling your resources. However, the private Facebook group is open to seller questions and support.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made securely through Stripe with any credit card. Paypal payments are also accepted.

Q. Do I need an internet connection to watch the tutorials?


Q. Can I watch the tutorials on my smartphone?

Yes! Instructions are provided on how to watch tutorials anytime on your phone. You can actually watch the tutorials on your phone while putting the lessons into practice on your computer. (Keep cellular data limits in mind.)

Q. Do you sell a school-wide membership to FlapJack Factory?

Yes! Giving teachers the training to create resources to meet the individual needs of their students is an amazing gift and stepping stone to school-wide success! Contact Tabitha at [email protected] for more information.

Q. What's the difference between buying an individual course and FJ Factory membership?

FJ Factory membership is actually a bundle of all the courses together. You get lifetime access to all present and future content. You also get access to a private FB support group. With an individual course purchase, you just get lifetime access to that course. The FB support group is only for FJ Factory members.

Q. If I buy an individual course, can I still purchase FJ Factory membership at a later date?

Yes! Just send an email to [email protected] with your username and the name of the course you have already purchased. That will be subtracted from the overall membership cost. We will process your payment of the remaining amount needed and give you access to all course content and the private FB group.

Q. Do you provide a refund if I decide membership is not for me?

Due to the digital nature of the templates (they can be downloaded and used even without access to the site), there are no refunds after membership has been purchased.



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FlapJack Factory-inspired creations in action.


Hey, there! I'm Tabitha Carro.

I'm a 4th grade Spanish partial-immersion math and science teacher in South Carolina. I love creating my own 21st-century resources to meet the needs of my immersion students. I now have a new love which is sharing with other teachers how they too can create their own classroom resources.

My journey into resource creation started in 2010 when I began my position as a Spanish immersion teacher and needed more materials to teach math and science in the target language. Through the process of content creation, I discovered the joy and freedom of being able to create exactly what my students needed to be successful. I also fell in love with incorporating technology into my resources to engage my students and teach them 21st-century skills. 

I started a blog and TpT store called FlapJack Educational Resources. Over the past few years, my fun-focused resources and class decor have been making their way through many classrooms around the globe. As many fellow teacher-authors can attest, there is a huge sense of fulfillment knowing that what you create is not only helping your own students succeed but also helping teachers in classrooms world-wide be successful with their own students.

Having this ability has made all the difference for meeting the specific needs of my immersion students, and I truly believe every teacher would greatly benefit from being able to create resources that are tailored specifically for their individual classroom. FlapJack Factory was born out of a desire to share that ability with fellow teachers in the simplest, most streamlined way possible. If the words like control, freedom, creativity, and customized learning sound very appealing, then FlapJack Factory might be just the right fit for you.


"I've previewed some of your SMART Board products and they are wonderful! I'm excited to be able to learn from an expert like you. It will save me so much time since I won't have to figure it out all on my own. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work!"

Debbie Wood

I love the videos. They are very thorough. She goes step by step. She is very good at what she does! 



This was a great course (Lapbooks & ISN Templates). It answered every question I could think of when it comes to making lapbooks. I really enjoyed the new ideas, now my brain is full of ideas. I am excited to get started on my own! Thanks for another great resource! 

Katie Pick

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