Four Day Free iPhone Design Challenge

Take The Free Four Day iPhone Design Challenge

Are you trying to make your social media designs but feel like you’re struggling with visual branding and keeping your designs cohesive?

Did you know that with some apps right on your iPhone, you can consistently produce social media designs that match the colors, fonts, and structure of your brand (and do it incredibly faster than on your desktop)? (38)


Well you totally can!

Here are some suggestions for getting started with branding social media designs with your iPhone:

1. Use Adobe Capture to grab your Hex color codes from your logo.

2. Use an app like Phonto or Canva (seen in screen shot) that allows you to insert and save your Hex color codes. These can then be used to create overlays, backgrounds, and font colors that perfectly match your logo.

FullSizeRender 24

3. Import your brand fonts into a variety of apps that allow it such as Phonto, PicLab Studio, FrameMagic, and LetterGlow.

4. Take the four-day free iPhone design challenge and get complete guidance through steps one through three!

Four Day Free iPhone Design Challenge

If you’re an Instagram user, you will absolutely LOVE this challenge, I promise!

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And here are happy words from a challenge participant:

Four Day Free iPhone Design Challenge


So are you ready? Sign up here to learn how to brand and design on the go right from your iPhone.

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