Free #couchhustler iPhone marketing course

Free #CouchHustler Master Course

In preps for my launch in 9 days (scary!), I’ve finally gotten together a signature freebie called the #Couchhustler Master Course. It’s a mini course that shares my best tips for helping you maximize your iPhone’s marketing potential for your business.

Take the free #Couchhustler master course today!

Lessons Include:

  • iPhone Storage Solutions (tame that horrid storage beast once and for all)
  • My Biggest Time-Saving iPhone Hack
  • How To Take Amazing Pics With The iOS Camera App
  • How To Create Inspirational Images In Under A Minute
  • How To Create Animated Text For Your iPhone Videos

If you’d like to join the growing group of entrepreneurs who are “getting’ things done just sitting’ on their bums,” then hop on board! Enrollment takes about 17 seconds and you can complete the course anytime, anywhere – right on your phone (of course!).

Also, if you complete the course, you get #couchhustler certification and a chance to win your very own #couchhustler tank top. It’s fabulous and will help you stay motivated as you create beautiful promo pieces for your business with your iPhone right from the comfort of your couch. 🙂

CLICK HERE to sign up and hope to see you inside the course!

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Free #couchhustler iPhone marketing course