How To Get More Storage On Your iPhone

How To Get More Storage On Your iPhone

Now, iPhone storage is a HUGE issue. 

(I’m talking Donald Trump huuuge). And if you don’t get your iPhone storage situation figured out, it’s going to be pretty difficult to use it for beautiful product promotions.



Keep on reading/watching for tips on removing space-eaters from your phone.

free up storage on your iPhone

iPhone Storage Capacity

But first I will add a quick disclaimer: If you own a 16GB capacity iPhone, it’s going to be so very hard to use your iPhone for promotional creation, especially if you want to start creating videos.

I’m not going to say it can’t be done, but I’m sure it will involve a lot of the following: 1) temporarily deleting apps until you need them and 2) keeping your camera roll basically empty.

I remember those days and it was not much fun. Having to delete 11 photos and 3 videos before my camera would let me take another photo? Apple, really??

I’m not promoting iPhone upgrades at all, but honestly, Apple should be ashamed that they’re still selling phones with limited capacity like that. Those phones can’t do much more than just…well…phone stuff. Using a phone for just phone stuff is lame and so 2009. **Update: They have finally increase their storage amounts to keep up with the times – thank you!


Ok, focus, Tabitha – back to freeing up iPhone storage. First I recommend an iPhone cleanse, purge, detox, whatever (and it’s going to take a little more than lemon juice and cayenne pepper to get this job done).

To get to the “gut” of your phone for some iPhone storage purging, you’ll need to go to your settings.

To do this, go to > Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.


Here in settings you can see which apps are eating up at your storage the most. Here are some suggestions:

  • You know how they say if you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it? Well, I say, if you haven’t used an app in a month, delete it. You can always download it again later. No #apphoarding please. Do we need to stage an intervention??

App addicted - download all the apps!

  • A lot of apps, especially the ones for design and video production (iMovie, PicLab Studio), will store projects within the app. Make sure to delete those projects.
  • Apps that you use frequently may build up quite a lot of cache data. You may need to delete (just tap on the app name) and reinstall the app. You can check this out by touching on the app and seeing how many documents & how much data it contains. There are 3rd party apps that can do this for you, but I personally have not tried any.

Ok, besides settings, there are definitely other places on your phone that need a digital detox.

  • Photos & Camera – I recommend using the Google Photos App for free unlimited photo and video storage. It is my all time favorite storage app, no exaggeration. It will back up your photos and remove them from your camera roll (if you wish) and a lot of other magical things.

iPhone Storage Checklist

If you’d like a free video tutorial on setting up the Google Photos app and even learning how to edit your photos and create promo videos within the app, then grab the Purge Your iPhone Checklist. You’ll find a link to the tutorial within the free PDF.

Get iPhone Storage Checklist

    Purge Your iPhone Checklist & Google Photos Video Tutorial

    Use this checklist to free up storage on your iPhone and make room for beautiful promo graphics and videos!

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  • Moving on, don’t forget to go into your Recently Deleted albums and delete your photos/videos there to get them officially off of your iPhone.
  • Messages – This is the place that can secretly hog a lot of your storage. Delete any conversations you don’t want. Delete attachments you don’t need in conversations by doing the following (or watching the GIF below):
    • Go to Details in the convo.
    • Scroll down to attachments.
    • Press down on one attachment.
    • Touch More.
    • Select all unneeded attachments.
    • Delete.
    • In settings, you can also schedule for texts to auto-delete by going to > Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > 30 Days or 1 Year

Delete Message Attachments in iPhone

  • Music – Swipe left on any albums you don’t “need” and delete. They will still be saved in your iTunes account. Consider apps such as Pandora or Spotify for saving space while enjoying music.
  • Safari – Delete history, cache, and cookies that can take up storage in Safari, although I usually hold on to those cookies – who wants to delete cookies?? Can’t we just eat them?

Get in mah belly!

  • To clear your Safari history, go to > Settings > Scroll down and tap on Safari > Scroll down and tap “Clear History and Website Data

Even if you get your phone to a healthy place storage-wise, I still recommend an iPhone storage purge every 1-3 months. I personally think your iPhone will feel much better every time you go through these steps.

iPhone Get More Storage

And to make sure you remember what to do, don’t forget to grab the Purge Your iPhone Checklist with the Google Photos app tutorial included (that app is a game-changer for your storage, I promise!). Save it to your phone to always have as a reminder.

Purge Your iPhone Checklist & Google Photos Video Tutorial

Use this checklist to free up storage on your iPhone and make room for beautiful promo graphics and videos!

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How To Get More Storage On Your iPhone