Increase Post Engagement With Emoji Surveys

Increase Post Engagement With Emoji Surveys

Here’s an idea to increase post engagement at Facebook and Instagram that doesn’t involve sharing a funny or inspirational meme (although those always work so darn well) or making Mark Zuckerberg even richer. And this fun way can actually be used dual-purposely to find out more about your followers. So a total win-win on this one I think.

Emoji Survey Collage

It’s called an Emoji Survey Collage and I’m already in the process of getting it trademarked. 😛 Juuuuust kidding. This idea is not original, but quickly creating it in a collage style right from your iPhone totally is. Here’s an example:

Increase post engagement with an Emoji Survey

This post received a lot more comments and engagement than typical for my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I think one main reason is that asking people to respond with Emojis instead of words requires less brain energy (and is simply more fun).

Increase post engagement with an Emoji Survey

*** Be aware that some non-iOS devices don’t come with Emoji keyboards. Also, people on a desktop won’t be able to respond with Emojis. You’ll most likely get a better response with this on Instagram than on Facebook.

Emoji Survey Video Tutorial

For this video tutorial, I actually show a simpler version that only includes two answer options. I’ll show you first how to make it in still image format and then in animated text format.

Increase post engagement with an Emoji Survey

Increase post engagement with an Emoji Survey

Keep in mind that not only can this increase post engagement, but it can also give you information about your followers.

Questions That Will Increase Post Engagement

When thinking of what question to use, ask yourself the following:

What question can I ask that will –

1) motivate my followers to answer?

2) provide me with some piece of useful insight to my followers?

3) need only two answer options? Of course if you’re comfortable with making collages, you can create an Emoji survey with as many answers as you need.

Increase Post Engagement Today With Your First Emoji Survey!

So if you’re ready to increase post engagement by cranking out your first Emoji Survey Collage, then watch the following tutorial. Also make sure you have these apps on your phone:

  • Adobe Spark Post or any text-on-photo app that allows you to do differently-sized designs
  • Layout for Instagram or any collage app your prefer
  • PicPlayPost or any collage app that allows you to import video as well as photos (this is for the animated collage only)

YouTube Emoji Survey Collage Tutorial

Use hashtag #emojisurvey, please!

If you try this out on Instagram, I’d love for you to tag me (@smartphonemarketingschool) and use hashtag #emojisurvey. I’ll be sure to vote! 🙂 And have fun voting on others here, too!

Want to make sure you don’t forget how to do this? Pin this image to one of your Pinterest boards.

Increase Post Engagement With Emoji Surveys