12 Instagram Collection Categories Every Business Account Needs

Have you tried the collections feature in the bookmarking tool at Instagram? It’s being called the Pinterest of Instagram and I’m finding it a fabulous way to organize the inspiration and great ideas I’m coming across for my own future Instagram and social media posts.

Instagram Collection Categories

If you’re unfamiliar with the collections feature or bookmarking or would like to see in more detail how to use this tool, then watch this quick video tutorial:

Disclaimer: Before I share some collection categories I think would be beneficial for most business Instagram accounts to have, keep in mind that there’s a clear line between being inspired by others and just outright copying others. The latter is super not cool. It defeats a main purpose of Instagram which is to show who you are and what makes you and/or your products unique.

Instagram Collection Categories 1-6

IMG_2431High Engagement Posts

We are all trying to find the elusive, mystical unicorn – otherwise known as Instagram reach and engagement. If you find a post that’s rocking it, definitely add it to a collection to refer to later when you need ideas for Instagram posts that bring high engagement.


It’s pretty popular and smart to introduce yourself from time to time on Instagram to help connect with your new followers. I personally find this awkward and have yet to do it. But I’m bookmarking intros in the meantime to inspire me to finally put one out there.

It’s been a while since I introduced myself, so I wanted to say hi again with @tailwindapp #feedgoals! I’m Keri, and I’m a counselor ❤, wife to a handsome Marine ??, and mom to 2 boys ????. This picture is a year old, but it’s the most recent one I could find of just me! Such is mom life ? it was taken on a very windy beach on Oahu, so pardon the crazy hair. But If I’m being honest, my hair looks like that pretty much always. I’ve worked in university counseling centers, free mental health clinics, elementary schools, and middle schools across D.C., VA, OK, and HI (and OK again). Each setting is its own adventure, but I’m partial to elementary school. My ideal day is spent reading a book on the beach ?? and/or eating cupcakes. Not picky. Tell me where you’re counseling from!

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Posts For Recycling

I know Instagram is typically supposed to be all about the moment. But if you have a post that has performed well in the past, there’s no reason you can’t repurpose it for a future post.

How do you know which posts are worth repurposing? Check your analytics (you’ll need a business account to do so).

How To Find Posts Worth Reposting:

1) Tap the graph icon by your name in your Instagram feed.


2. Tap “7 days.”


3. You’ll get the option to change this to a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, etc. I went back a year and I personally try not to repurpose anything until 3-6 months have passed since it was last posted.

IMG_2426 2

Social Proof

Anytime you get tagged by a happy product purchaser, service user, member, etc., be sure to add it to a separate collection. Not only can you repost it at Instagram, but this can also be great to repurpose on sales landing pages, your website, etc. I’m always bookmarking amazing posts from my members to keep in mind for later ads and landing page testimonials.

General Reposts

If you like to repost awesome content from others (tagging them of course), then be sure to add them to a separate collection for possible future reposts.

Giveaway Ideas

Instagram giveaways do not come easy to me! I see the most creative ones out there so now I’m making sure to save them to a collection. I’ll refer to them the next time I plan a giveaway on Instagram.

Instagram Collection Categories 7-12



This collection pretty much goes without explanation. Whenever you find a quote that speaks to you, save it! Then you’ll have it to read again on those days when you need an extra boost of encouragement or inspiration.

Funny Posts & Memes

Along the same lines as quotes, I am so happy now to have a special place to save those particularly funny memes I’ve come across. Whenever you and your humor soulmate get together, you can open up this collection for some shared priceless minutes of laughing.

Posts Made With Specific Apps

As the world of mobile design and creation keeps exploding, be sure to save posts from others who have rocked it with a certain app. I have a collection of posts from people who’ve created videos with Apple’s Clips app.

Here’s a fun example from Jen Jones of Hello Literacy.

Happy Go Teach Video Call to Action. How else can we say it? ?♥️?

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Sales Posts

Whether they’re your own sales posts or creative ones from others, a sales post collection is a great idea. Find your old posts for quick reposting or be inspired to create new ones from sales posts by others that are getting high engagement.

Awesome Ads

Sponsored ads can be annoying. But when you see a creative one that stands out and is getting high engagement, add it to a collection. These ads are great to look back on, not just for examining their visual aspects but also for checking out the copy or what was written to entice the buyer.


If you do any type of video marketing for your business, be sure to bookmark any videos that catch your eye. Whether it’s tutorial DIY videos or explainer videos, I’m always saving videos to analyze and help me in my own video marketing production.

Instagram Collections Categories Checklist

If you’d like a list of these Instagram collections category suggestions, you can right-click and save this image to your desktop. If you’re on a mobile device, you can long press and save it to your Photos album. Or you can always hover over and save it to your Pinterest account.

Instagram Categories Checklist

Hope you found this list of Instagram collection categories helpful! If you’d like more tips at Instagram for iPhone-focused marketing tips, then be sure to follow me here.

instagram collection categories