Six easy ways to transform your iPhone photos

Six Easy Ways To Save Your Crappy iPhone Photos

Have some old iPhone product photos that you think are beyond saving? Don’t tap the delete button just yet.  I myself have been recycling iPhone product photos from over 3-4 years ago using the following iPhone photo editing tips below. The ability to post “new” photos from old blog posts and products has saved me loads of time and brain energy lately (something I desperately need to conserve?) and it can do the same for you.

Six iPhone Photo Editing Tips For Recycling Old Photos

iOS Photos App Filters And Editing Tools


My favorite go-to for a quick fix on a photo is the Chroma filter in the iOS photos app filter section. To access filter options with the app:

1) Select the photo and tap the Adjust icon at the bottom.

2) Go ahead and touch the magic wand in the upper right-hand corner and see if you like those auto-adjustments or not.

3) Tap the tri-circle icon.

4) Tap the Chroma filter and see what you think.



B&W Filter

Easy iPhone Photo Editing Apps & Tips

If color and detail are not essential to your photo, always give a B&W filter a try. It can save almost any photo. To do this easily, just follow the same instructions for the iOS Photos app Chroma filter but select Mono, Tonal, or Noir. I went with Mono.



A Color Story App


Although the A Color Story app does provide a full set of iPhone photo editing tools, you often can get by with mindlessly tapping at their endless number of filters that are designed to brighten your photos and make them pop. It’s perfect for those who aren’t comfortable wth photo-editing but still need their photos to look polished. The Essentials filter pack is free but the rest of the filter packs are not.



Instagram Filters & Editing Tools


Instagram has really come along way with their ability to transform your photos. Here are some easy-to-apply tips while in Instagram-editing mode. And you can still use this method even if you aren’t wanting to post the photo. Just set your iPhone to airplane mode and post the photo. The upload will fail but it should send a copy to your camera roll.

Instagram Photo-Editing Tips

1) Tap the Lux button at the top (looks like a sun).

2) Try the Clarendon filter. You’re probably well aware of how amazing this filter is at brightening your photos. If it’s overkill, tap the filter twice and you can decrease the filter’s strength.

3) Tap the edit button and give the Structure tool a try. It helps bring detail to your photo.

4) Swipe over and also try increasing the highlights in your photo.



Google Photos App


Are you a Google Photos app user? It’s a smart thing to be since this app will sync your photos AND video for free (up to 16 MB photos and 1080 HD video). If you are, you can also try their photo editor.

1) Select the photo while in the app and tap the edit pencil.

2) Tap the Auto wand.

3) Tap “Pop” and adjust to see if does what it says. 😛

4) Tap the middle square + icon to access their filters. I especially like the blue ones for product photos.



Prisma App


When all else fails, open the Prisma app. It’s an artistic filter app that will make any photo super pretty – no matter how sad it was to begin with. Sure it may take away most of the detail, but there is no way you can upload your photo into the Prisma app and not come out with something very cool and eye-catching.

1) Try out the filters.

2) I used Mosaic for this photo.

3) If the filter is too much, swipe left to decrease its strength (see 3rd screenshot).

Easy iPhone Photo Editing Apps & Tips

So before you permanently delete a product or business-related photo on your iPhone, keep these six tips for iPhone photo editing in mind. Instead of struggling to create new visual content for your business, you may already have what you need right within your camera roll.

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Six easy ways to transform your iPhone photos