11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

I’m pretty sure if you’ve arrived at this post wanting to know more about how to make a promo video, then you already know how essential video is to marketing nowadays. But here’s a statistic just in case. ?

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

Benefits Of Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

Let me also share quickly why I believe any online business owner with an iPhone should be using their pocket camera instead of the “3 Cs” (camera, computer, complicated software) to create their marketing videos:

  • It has a very low learning curve with basically zero tech knowledge needed. Are your fingers in good working order? Can they tap, pinch, swipe, and zoom? Ok, you’re good to go. ?

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

  • It eliminates an exhausting multi-step process of having to go from your camera then your computer then to software and then sometimes even to your iPhone for social media uploads. Instead you just go to your iPhone and then…well…your iPhone. (Ok, and then often your computer but only AFTER your video is complete.)

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

  • For video production in general, it’s a huge time-saver. I have several friends along with myself who have been able to develop full course sites of 100+ quality video tutorials thanks to switching from the camera to our iPhones.
  • It’s free and it’s FREEING. Ok, not entirely free but you don’t have to pay anyone every time you need a promo video. There’s no middle man (aka hired videographer) between you and the promo video you want. Not having to depend on someone else or your budget means no limitations on producing video promotion whenever you need it (last-minute sale, launch, etc.).

My journey to making all promo/explainer, YouTube, tutorial, and social media videos with my iPhone instead of a professional camera was a gradual one and I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes along the way. Here are my steps (still evolving) on how to make a promo video with your iPhone that’s totally doable while still high quality.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

1. Decide Your Promo Video Type

Will your promo video consist of photos, video clips, graphics designs, or a mixture of the three?

Will it be text-only or will there be audio as well?

What size works best for your intended purpose and platform? Widescreen or square are your normal options but even vertical is becoming an option with short Instagram Story and Snapchat clips.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

2. Stability

Once you know what direction your video needs to go in, it’s time to start setting things up for quality iPhone video. Besides lighting, the most important setup piece is your stability. Your iPhone can attach to any type of tripod or stand made for cameras as long you have a smartphone mount.

I’ve tried many and my favorite right now is the Square Jellyfish mount. It works for horizontal or vertical video and they also have a version for iPads. That link and any other product link here is an Amazon affiliate link meaning I’ll get a small commission if you order. All products are items I have used, but always do your own research.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

3. Lighting

Even if you have the latest iPhone, lighting will truly make or break your video quality. There are a million different types of lighting setups out there and your decision largely depends on your budget and what you want to video.

My Favorite Lighting Options

Window Lighting. Free and fabulous under the right conditions.

Clamp Lighting. This involves covering clamp lights with parchment paper (to soften the light). I use 3 clamps along with  ALZO 27W 5500K Light Bulbs and clip them around my product setup. You can find the clamp lights at your local hardware store or here at Amazon.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

Ring Lighting. I love my ring light for talking head clips (when you’re talking to the camera) and it actually doubles for product and tutorial lighting. I have a Diva Ring Light with a bendable gooseneck that allows me to shine its light on my products over a table. Not cheap but very versatile, compact, and little understanding of lighting is needed.

4. Talking Head Video

One of the easiest ways to help people remember your brand and products is by personally talking to them in your videos. I have found Instagram Stories and Snapchat a great way to practice and get comfortable with this format.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

As already mentioned, make sure you have a lighting and stability setup for your iPhone. My favorite is my Diva Ring Light which has a mount for a camera (I use my Square Jellyfish mount to attach my phone and I’m all set.)

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

5. Audio

If you’re going to speak during your video or record voice-over, quality audio is a must. There are various options but right now I am using the Movo LV1 Lavalier smartphone mic (dongle required for iPhone 7).

Want background music? The quickest way is to search for royalty free music in the iTunes app. However, I often go to AudioJungle on my laptop to purchase unique royalty-free background music and then I transfer it to my iPhone via my iTunes account.

6. Script Writing

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

I’ve listed this as step #6, but it may be the first step you want to take to make sure you know what you want and need to convey your message in your promo video. I provide a free script writing template in my iPhone Product Video Course (which is also free).

Here Are Some Script Writing Tips For Promo Videos On Social Media

Be brief. People are bombarded with video now and on average won’t make it through more than 10 seconds of your video. Present your service/product as the solution to their problem and get out of there as quick as possible!

Be concise. This is where script writing is so important because it helps you craft the perfect message without wasting any extra words that will lose your audience.

Be engaging. Start with something interesting that has your audience in mind. Don’t start with yourself, start with them.

7. Ideas for Video Clips

Having variety in what you show visually is important to keeping your audience’s attention. Some suggestions are but not limited to:

  • Talking Head Video
  • Product Photos
  • Product Video
  • Animated Text Slides. Apps such as iMovie, Quik, & Legend provide this for you.
  • Royalty-Free Stock Photos. Just go to your favorite stock photo website in Safari and you should be able to press and save the photo to your camera roll.

8. iPhone Filming Basics

If you’ve followed steps 1-7, you should feel fairly prepared at this moment about what clips and photos you need to shoot.

Tips To Remember When Videoing With Your iPhone

  • Wipe the lens! It can work magic for a clearer image (a microfiber cloth is great but I usually end up using my shirt).

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

  • Use a stand and smartphone mount (shaky video is the worst!).
  • Prepare your lighting.
  • Set the autofocus and exposure by pressing down on the focal point in your iPhone screen.


  • Always do a trial run to make sure everything looks and sounds as you wish.

9. Animated Text Slides

Although you can create animated text slides in full video-editing apps such as iMovie and Quik, definitely consider using apps such as Adobe Spark Post or Ripl to created isolated animated text slides that can be inserted along with the rest of your footage once you’re in the final video-editing stage.

Here’s an example of a text animation created with PicLab Studio (design app) and Adobe Spark Post:

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

10. Video Editing

The one piece of all of iPhone video that requires a learning curve is getting comfortable with a full video-editing app. If you’re just beginning, I recommend Adobe Spark Video (not to be confused with Adobe Spark Post) which pretty much guides you through the whole process, Once you get comfortable with video editing, mastering iMovie is essential. In my opinion, it still proves to be the most comprehensive video editor app available. Want something simply and flashy? Try out the Quik app.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

A key to using your iPhone for video editing is being okay with app smashing (using multiple apps to achieve a desired result). For full flexibility and editing, you’ll rarely find it in just one app.

11. Marketing Your Marketing Video

Sounds a little ridiculous but even your marketing video needs marketing. Make a list of all the possible channels you have to share your video and make sure to follow through on that list. Don’t let your hard work go to waste simply because your video did not ever really set sail into the online world.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

If you’d like a printable guide and video course to help you through the following steps along with lots more details and tips (like a script writing template and more app suggestions), then sign up for my FREE iPhone Product Video Course.

In 25 days or less, you’ll have an iPhone promo video that you can be proud of and that will hopefully bring you more sales.


I hope you found this post helpful and not too overwhelming (remember the free course above will make it even more doable). If you’d like to remember these tips later, be sure to pin the following image to your Pinterest account.

11 Steps To Making A Promo Video With Your iPhone

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