Tame Your Home Screen And Manage Your Social Media Notifications

Want to manage social media notifications without your phone blowing up all day long?? Stressed out by all the red numbers on your home screen? Tired of being distracted all day by notifications?

Manage Social Media Notifications

This post shares how I manage social media notifications and get rid of unnecessary red icon app badges, all without using a 3rd-party app.

Manage Social Media Notifications

Removing Or Adding Badge App Icons 

Before we get to the video tutorial down below, here is an outline of what I do:

  • Remove notifications AND red app badge icons from all non-important apps.
  • I personally remove banners and notifications (minus the red bubbles) from ALL apps except for:
    • Membership Facebook groups
    • Facebook Messenger/Voxer
    • Phone
    • Text
  • You could set up a schedule as well for when notifications are allowed by going to > Settings > Do Not Disturb > Schedule and then set the hours. But I choose not to. My downtime is important too (and so is yours)!
  • Allow red bubbles (aka app badge icons) for the social media accounts you need to check at least daily.

Create Social Media Folder Of All Apps With Badge Icons

  • Drag all of those apps into one folder. That way all of the red bubble numbers are merged into one instead of a bunch of them screaming at you from all over your screen.
  • If a red bubble appears on an app somewhere else on your screen, you know what to do! Get rid of it ASAP.

Check Social Media Folder Once Or Twice Daily

  • Go into your folder once or twice daily and check as needed. You’ll automatically know there are new notifications because of the badge app icon. If it’s no longer there, you’re clear and have done the unthinkable – responded and answered all of your social media notifications! Amazing! Congrats! 

Remove Badge App Icons Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial from my Facebook page (make sure to follow and not miss future tutorials) on how to eliminate notifications except for the ones you want.

UPDATE: Even before I published this post I have an update on this strategy. Despite ALL of this, I still was struggling to not go into social media apps and check notifications more than necessary. My solution, although still not foolproof, has been to move the folder to the SECOND PAGE of my phone. Yes, even that one red bubble is still too much of a temptation. Moving the folder to the second page has helped me not check so much and also requires a little bit more effort to actually go into the apps. I’m sure you’re not as social media crazy as I am, but if you are, maybe this one extra tip will help as well.

Want the organizer wallpaper you see on my phone in the video above? Grab it here.

And if you want to remember these tips later on how to manage social media notifications, here’s an image to pin to your Pinterest account.

Manage Social Media Notifications