The Biggest Time-Saving iPhone Tip

The Biggest Time-Saving iPhone Tip

This one time-saving iPhone tip will save you serious time when using your phone.

Well, it all depends on if you put it into action.

Time-Saving iPhone Tip

After using my iPhone for over 6 years, I am just not realizing the potential of this one feature – the Text Replacement Tool. It has taken my iPhone productivity to a new level.

Text Replacement Tool

You may know it as the Text Shortcut Tool, but either way, there are really almost a million ways to save precious seconds on your iPhone with this feature. Usernames, hashtag groups, and full paragraph answers to common customer questions are just a few of the ways I personally have used this tool.

Time-Saving iPhone Tip - How To Use Text Replacement Tool

And here’s a new tip I learned recently that has really rocked my business productivity – there is software for Mac and PC users that complete the same function as the text replacement tool on your phone. So everything you watch in the video can also be done on your computer. I use aText for my Mac (it costs five totally-worth-it dollars) and LifeHacker recommends PhraseExpress for Windows users.

Text Replacement Checklist

After you watch the video, be sure to grab the Text Replacement Checklist and create awesome, time-saving iPhone shortcuts.

Time-Saving iPhone Tip - How To Use Text Replacement Tool

Free Text Replacement Tool Checklist

Use this checklist for ways to create iPhone shortcuts and start saving major time.

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I suggest adding it to your favorites, home screen, or iBooks app. That way, even if you don’t have time right now to create all the shortcuts you use, later on you can open the PDF and start creating your time-saving shortcuts.

Click/tap on the image below to see the video tutorial instructions.

Time-Saving iPhone Tip - How To Use Text Replacement Tool

If you’re better at written instructions, just do the following:

  1. Go to > Settings.
  2. Go to > General.
  3. Go to > Keyboard.
  4. Go to > Text Replacement.
  5. Touch the + sign in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. Type in the phrase you want to replace with a shortcut (I have yet to exceed the character limit. You can definitely place a lot of text in there!).
  7. Type in a shortcut. Make sure it’s something you’ll remember but not likely to type in for other reasons as that can get very annoying!
  8. And you’re done! Hopefully you just saved a few seconds of time and brain energy, which you can use for more important things in your life.

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The Biggest Time-Saving iPhone Tip

Hope you find this time-saving iPhone tip helpful, #smartphonepreneur!