The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

The Perfect Planning App For Your Instagram Feed

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Do you struggle like the rest of us when it comes to planning posts for your Instagram feed? There’s so much to consider!

  • how to keep your feed cohesive (especially if sticking to a pattern)
  • when are your best times to post
  • what types of posts are getting the most engagement

And if you have more than one Instagram account?? Forget it!

But before you throw in the towel, let me share with you a one-size-fits-all app that is blowing my mind and finally helping me feel successful with my Instagram strategy. And for now it’s free!

It’s called UNUM. And, um, I didn’t know why until I checked out the app’s About page. It’s Latin and basically means that this one app will do all of those different things you’ve been needing for planning your Instagram feed. Such as…

Instagram Preview Planning

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

I never thought I could follow a pattern in my Instagram feed until this app. My ideas and posts are all over the place. But amazingly the drag and drop feature allows me to plan a perfect Instagram feed every time I post (and you can post right from this app). This has now caused another unneeded social media addiction in my life. ?

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Post Editing Tools

When you select a photo, you have a lot of options.

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Adding Captions

The feather icon allows you to add captions and will also do a hashtag count for you (although at the time of writing this post, it’s preferable to add the majority of your hashtags in the first comment below your caption).

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

I love this because I can go ahead and add text when I’m inspired even if I’m not ready to post the image.

Photo Editing Tools

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

The icon in the middle allows you to adjust the quality of your photo. I personally haven’t edited my photos within this app, but the fact that these tools are there is just another reason why I’m blown away by all this app has to offer.

Instagram Uploading

As I mentioned earlier, you can upload within the app whenever you are ready by tapping the Instagram icon.

Instagram Scheduling

My jaw seriously dropped when I saw that scheduling is also included in the FREE UNUM app. And not only that, you have two different types of scheduling:

  1. Reminders. You can just set up reminders for times that are best to post whether or not you have something ready (use the app’s analytics tools which you’ll read about in just a minute).
  2. Custom Post Scheduling. You can get more specific with your scheduling by assigning reminders to specific posts.

You then have a calendar tool that gives you a weekly overview of your upcoming scheduled posts.

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Something to keep in mind is that you can insert up to a maximum of 18 images/videos to tweak, edit, and schedule. I kind of like this because my OCD self would schedule too far in advance if given the chance. I have to remind myself that Instagram should still be as organic and spontaneous as possible, so the limit for me is actually a good thing.

Instagram Post Analytics

What?? Analytics, too?!? Yes, analytics, too, with some extra insight that you don’t get by just looking at the data within the Instagram app (if you’ve switched to a business account). Here’s a look at the main screen once you tap the analytics icon at the bottom right of your screen.

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Here you have a quick glance at how your posts are doing and so much more. I’m horrible at keeping up with data, so having all of this accessible in one page is helping me tremendously to know what type of content my audience is responding to.

If you tap on the right arrow of each section, you get even more valuable insight.

Best Times To Post

One invaluable item is a week’s overview of when it’s best for you to post. I’ve been doing something kind of ridiculous with this chart. I do a screenshot of it and then add it to my lock screen by going to > Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Then when I’m thinking of posting, I can just glance at my lock screen and decide when is the best time for that day. Yes, it is a little ridiculous but I’m loving it right now. ?

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

You even get insight to your top 10 Instagram hashtags that are bringing you the most engagement. This is fantastic information to keep in mind for your future hashtag stuffing.

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

Ok, and as if you didn’t need any more icing on this triple-layered cake of Instagram planning goodness, there is one more unbelievable feature.

Multiple Accounts

I’ve added three with no problem and UNUM’s website says you can curate “as many feeds as you need.”

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

So, what’s the catch?? I have no idea, but until I figure that out, I’m going to wear this app out planning for what I once thought was unattainable – the perfect Instagram feed.

Want to make sure you don’t forget the UNUM app and how it can help your Instagram feed planning? You can pin this image to your Pinterest account.

The Best App For Planning Your Instagram Feed