What Is App Smashing? (and why your business needs it)

What Is App Smashing? (and why your business needs it)

Depending on your background, you may or may not be familiar with the term app smashing even though it’s something you may actually already be doing with your smartphone.

So what is App Smashing?

App smashing is using multiple apps to produce a desired result.

For those who seriously want to product some awesome chocolate swirl emoji visual content for their online business, then you’re most likely going to have to smash some apps to do it (no dirty minds, please). As far as I know, there is no one size fits all app for design or video production. Photography, possibly.

The alternative to app smashing is:

  • Posting poor results from your smartphone at times OR
  • Always being forced to go to your desktop to an all-inclusive design or video program to create what you need for business. Complicated. Time-consuming. Ugh.

Anyways, I think I’m doing…what’s that big word? DIGRESSING, yes, I’m digressing. Let me stop increasing my word count and get back to the point. ?

3 Examples of App Smashing

Graphic Design

App smashing to produce graphic designs on my iPhone is pretty much my favorite. Here’s an example:


  • To create this design I went to Pexels.com and found the picture of a woman and saved it to my cameral roll.
  • Then I ran that image through Prisma to give it a non-photograph type filter.
  • Once filtered, I ran that image through the Magic Eraser to remove the background of the photo.
  • I layered the face onto a green square image in Phonto.
  • I could have added text in the Phonto app, but right now I love using Adobe Spark Post to add text. Mainly because it saves my projects so I can just duplicate past designs. This saves time and keeps me consistent with my branding.

What Is App Smashing? (and why your business needs it)

If it seems like a lot of steps to you, the whole Prisma filter part was unnecessary. But because I’m actually enjoying myself when I design now, I don’t have a problem throwing in some extra steps for a unique design.


Here’s an explainer video I created to promote an online course site I have for teachers at my teacher Instagram account.

I admit this level of app smashing is not really meant for those just starting out. But it’s a very thorough example of how much you can do when you get comfortable with video apps.

Starter Apps

When you app smash to produce detailed promo videos, you often start out creating multiple starter app clips. What do I mean by starter apps? Starter apps are those cool apps that give you neat effects but not complete video editing capabilities. In this video I created short clips with Ripl and Adobe Spark Post. (I also inserted some screen grab video by using QuickTime Player and airdropping to my phone.)

Here’s a Ripl example:


Apps That Put Clips Together

Then I took those short clips and edited and tweaked them using the Quik app which allows you to produce square video for Instagram. Quik, iMovie, Videoshop, Splice – these are examples of what I like to call “Put It All Together” apps. They are the full video editing apps that glue all your short clips together.

It’s All About The #Couchhustle

I know this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s really all about practice. And the amount of practice and work to do it on your phone is NOTHING compared to trying to do something like this in a program such as Adobe Premiere. Believe me, I’ve been there. Props to everyone who does it well and finds it fun. It’s torture for me. I’d much rather be on the couch with Pookie tapping some buttons than go back to that complicated & boring process.

What Is App Smashing? (and why your business needs it)


With photography, app smashing is normally not a necessity. There are SO many apps to choose from that once you find one you like, you can typically stick to that one and be done (unless you need to add text or images).

However, in keeping with the app smashing theme, here’s a video demo of how I took an old iPhone photo from 2013 I found in my Google Photos app and updated it to celebrate National Margarita Day in 2016. With Google Photos, AfterFocus, A Color Story, WordSwag, and iWatermark, I was able to not only edit, but also add text and a watermark.

How To Start App Smashing

So did I overwhelm you? I hope not! If you haven’t taken my FREE #Couchhustler course, it’s a great place to start at getting comfortable with some apps that will help you app smash your way to online marketing success.

If you want to bookmark this post on what is app smashing and how it can help your business, here’s an image you can pin to your Pinterest account. And yes, I app smashed to produce this design as well with only two apps – PicLab Studio and Adobe Spark Post (and the Image Size app to reduce file size).

The end.

Word Count 997. ?